2020’s food trend predictions from Pentagon Food Group

2020’s food trend predictions from Pentagon Food Group

Re-discovering Fish

2020 will be the year of risqué fish-eating and we say this keeping in mind Josh Niland’s crispy deep-fried fish eyes and fish throat sausage that had us wondering if all this time we were doing fish wrong. 2020 is the year we eat 60% of the fish we’ve been wasting.

Marie Kondo kitchens

If you’ve been living under a rock, you may have missed out on the decluttering revolution that had Marie kondo and Mrs Hinch at the forefront all through 2019. It seems sin 2020 we believe in a tidy kitchen and the psychological impact of organizing. 

The cows retire

Dairy beef is about to find itself on billboards and everywhere else because the dairy cows are now used to provide dairy beef. The reason for this is to avoid low-quality mince burgers. ‘Alternative protein’ and vegan beef has new contenders in market as Ollie Templeton is serving dairy cow beef in London and suggests “It took an initial few farmers to bite the bullet and invest in fattening up old dairy cows,” 

Meat, in general, has little prospects in the mainstream. 2020 is witnessing an aggressive increase in veganism and the question of ‘where do we get out (health) protein from now’, is going to be asked a whole lot. 

Greens from the sea

Greens will make breakthroughs this year. With veganism making it to the mainstream, there is an increase in demand for greens being incorporated into cooking. In 2020 we’ll get to experience sea vegetables such as samphire, nori, sea purslane, kelp and some well-deserved sea salt in our food. What’s next? 

The Year of Zero Waste.

The zero-waste lifestyle has been raging all through 2019. It has been accepted by numerous fast-food chains and restaurants all over Europe. London’s pioneer chef McMaster suggests 

“It’s looking at waste, not as something to bury into landfill but seeing it as a material that has the opportunity to be reborn,” 

Single-use plastics will be replaced with sustainable alternative and we’re looking forward to more accountability from catering businesses and wholesale food distribution industry. 


The EU has seen as significant increase in wine production from Portugal as well as custard tart, pastel de nata. We’re expecting to see more of Portugal especially with Nando’s on the rise for its chicken Piri Piri

Seed Butters

There isn’t an ingredient out there which we don’t love that hasn’t been made into a delicious butter recipe yet. And 2020 is set to surprise us further with different kinds of butter and vegan spreads that make our mouths water. You’ll be seeing a whole lot of sunflower ghee and pumpkin butter in the market.  


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