Wholesale food distributors are stepping in to ensure businesses don’t run out of supplies.

A tribute to the UK’s food industry in 2020

The world is an uncertain place right now. While we stay inside the food industry has had to triple its workload. From working challenging hours, to serving at the front lines; the industry workers are no less than heroes. This is a tribute to their efforts for without the sacrifices that the UK Food industry has made; we all wouldn’t have been safe at home like we are.

Here’s what you need to know about how the UK food industry has supported us during this difficult time.


The majority of the food industry has been focused on deliveries at this point. Grocery stores are delivering, restaurants and takeaways are delivering and  food distributors are delivering as well. There’s so much effort that goes into setting up an eCommerce channel, managing website and orders and most importantly there are people risking their lives going out and delivering the orders. Companies are being urged to take extra care of delivery personnel to ensure that they are protected and that orders are delivered safely to customers as well. We are grateful to everyone that is making it possible for the majority to stay off the streets and stay safe during the pandemic.

The deliveries have resulted in more people staying home and not making frequent grocery runs. It has also created a sense of stability which has decreased the stockpiling and shortages of essentials. Deliveries have also made it possible for the elderly and those who are most at risk to stay home and have the necessities being provided to them.


The pandemic has been difficult for all businesses. Stock purchased by food businesses such as restaurants and wholesale food suppliers has been sold to countless grocery stores facing shortages. A lot of donations were also made to food banks and shelters to allow the needy to benefit from a situation that businesses were struggling with. This shows how much food businesses have helped counter the food shortage in the UK. They have stepped in during this time as the saviors. Food businesses are always essential to the economy but COVID-19 is an unprecedented challenge that the food industry has stepped in to support and we are extremely grateful.

Feeding the nation

Feeding the nation during a global economic and health crisis is a feat of its own. There are so many food businesses re-opening, taking the order, meeting customers’ needs with dwindling finances and no clear direction of the business is headed in the future. Running any business in this situation is hard. Running a food business such as a restaurant, or a takeaway is hard even when finances are stable. The amount of burden that these businesses are facing just to ensure that there is no food shortage is unimaginable. Wholesale food distributors are stepping in to ensure these businesses don’t run out of supplies yet we can support them as well as customers and UK citizens.

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