Frozen food essentials for 2020, recommended by the best food distributors

Frozen foods were indeed among the best sellers of 2019 and are not going anywhere in 2020. Keeping your freezer stocked is the surest way to incorporate healthy eating habits as well as cut down on your expenses. 

We all like to keep a certain brand of cheese, canned foods and snacks in our freezer that work for us and our family. It is important to have a list of such items because it can make grocery shopping a lot less time-consuming. If you are running a café or a deli, stocking your freezer with the bestsellers can benefit your business immensely. No need to worry about running out of cheese during rush hours because you have it stocked. 

Here is a list of items handpicked by Pentagon that you wouldn’t regret stocking in your freezer. 

Meadow Vale Chicken Popcorn

Chicken popcorn combines the fun of ease of popcorn and the fun of chicken. Meadow Vale Chicken Popcorn is the best snacking option out there. Stock them up in your freezer and enjoy as snacks, appetizers and/ or side to exquisite dishes.         

Chicken, meat and lamb can all be frozen and preserved for using gradually. Pentagon Food provides its customers with halal options for all. Whether you need fresh lamb chops or a whole chicken, Pentagon has got you covered.  

Summertime soft scoop vanilla Ice-cream 

We all love ice cream and soft scoop vanilla is a classic. You’ll not enjoy this creamy and sweet dessert. Whether you are stocking up for your family or you are running a restaurant, vanilla ice cream is a no-brainer. 

Wholesale food and drink suppliers know that stocking up on ice cream has many benefits. Vanilla and other flavours of ice-cream are great and can be and can be used to create amazing cold-coffee and ice-cream shake blends.

Plain diced chicken breast halal.

If you are catering to pizza lovers or you are a pizza lover yourself, chicken topping is something you’d reach for quite often. Halal chicken toppings can be used for multiple recipes including pizza and are preferred due to their nutritional value. 

Lutosa chips, wedges & coated fries.

Snacking specialities include chips, wedges and coated fries that you can add as sides to any dish. Recipes such as nachos, pizza fries, cheese and BBQ fries. They are great on their own too.

Mild Cheddar Cheese Block

Cheese is probably the most important food item that you need to stick in your freezer. Cheese makes everything better. Are you making an omelette? It is better with cheese. Are you making pasta? It is better with cheese! Cheese is a great way to spruce up otherwise dull meals and you can stock it now to save time.

Dairy products such as milk and yoghurt and better can be also stored in the freezer for preservation. At Pentagon Foods there are multiple options to pick each from. Fresh milk from MILKK is one of our most popular milk products. Gallon Yogurt from Lancashire Farm is increasingly popular as well as Henna Yogurt.

Naan Bread, Pitta Bread, Panini and Tortilla Wraps

Stocking up on bread and wraps is a great way to never run out of lunch ideas. There are countless ways to make a sandwich and a taco but only if you have the wraps and bread readily available.

As a catering business, it is very important to show your customers that you have a variety of bread available such as Baguettes, Buns and even Dough Balls. His will also help you create better meals.

Meadow Vale Chicken Fillets

Meadow vale has a variety of fillet options. Whether you are a spice lover, or you like a breaded fillet there are options for everyone. Chicken fillets are a great way to keep your pantry stocked with options. A chicken fillet can be added to a burger or a sandwich. It’s something you can always get creative with.


Vegetables can be stored best by freezing them. Vegetables such as white cabbage, lettuce, carrots, coriander and, tomatoes, onions and garlic can all be stored in a freezer and used for cooking meals.

Honourable mentions from the best food distributors

Pentagon food group goes above and beyond to provide their customers with the best products to ensure that their needs are efficiently met. Besides the absolute essentials that you should stock up on in your freezer, here are a few items that you can store as well because they are great and could make for great dishes.

Tea Cakes and pies can be stored to serve with coffee and tea. Veggie burgers are an interesting option to keep at hand to serve vegan customers. Having a menu filled who options and variety attract customers and build rapport.

Kebabs and Koftas are likely to attract Asian and Turkish customers looking for comfort food so you should always have them stocked.


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