How can working with wholesale food and drink suppliers drive sales?

How can working with wholesale food and drink suppliers drive sales?

Having a business operating in the food industry for a while can mean you have started building rapport with a network of restaurants and catering businesses. But to get the maximum number of outlets stocking your products, it is helpful to start building relations with wholesale distributors as that would impact your business more than trying to reach customers on your own. But where to start? How to get reliable wholesale distributors on board? 

Here are a few ways you can drive sales with the help of wholesale distributors. 

Identifying the right distributors for your products. 

Determining the right wholesaler distributor for your product is very important. There are a variety of distributors that specialize in products. Depending on whether you are using chilled, frozen or ambient form of ingredients to produce dishes on your menu will determine which wholesale food distributor in the UK you can work with.

Some distributors may only specialize in certain food types, so it is important to do your research beforehand because choosing a distributor is a critical and time taking process as the quality of the food you produce depends on it.

Having the right distributor can be very beneficial for driving sales because it ensures that your business is running smoothly. So having the right industry connections is one of the most important assets that a business can have. 

Whether it is Frozen, chilled or ambient products you’re looking for, a reliable wholesaler that delivers products to your doorstep in the best condition possible is what you should opt for. A wholesaler that values its customers above all, ensures in whatever way possible that the customers get top-notch products. Pentagon Food Group is one such wholesale distributor in Stoke on Trent with a fleet of temperature controlled trucks that you can rely on to have your order delivered on time and in the best condition.

Becoming a brand? 

When selling a product through distributors it is often the representative of the brand that communicates with the restaurants, take-aways, delis etc. The representative of the brand is usually synonymous with the individual who is either the founder, the brains behind the project or influential person behind the creative aspect of the business. 

It is very important that the brand, which is your personality or heritage are conveyed properly and appeal to the market. This means evaluating your product’s packaging, website and social media presence to ensure that your vision is communicated properly. Some wholesale food and drink suppliers can help deliver sales pitches to the restaurants and catering businesses that are tailored to your products and vision as a manufacturer. This can allow your product to reach more and more customers and that your customer base is always growing.

It’s all about finances

Working with wholesalers is different if you have been working with restaurants and catering businesses for a while because instead of selling out in the consumer price you must set a wholesale distributor margin. This requires the business to have stable finances. Product prices can help you calculate the specific margins set for wholesalers. 

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