Introducing Branco Pizza Flour – Pentagon Food Group

Are you looking for a Pizza Flour that makes the best pizza dough? Look no further! Branco Pizza Flour is the beloved Canadian staple which makes the best pizzas is the newest addition to the products we offer at Pentagon.

Pentagon Food Group is the leading wholesale food distributor in Stoke on Trent, UK. Our customers include restaurants, takeaways and pizza parlours in Stoke on Trent, North Wales, East Midlands, West Midlands and North West. We have got all your catering needs covered!

Branco Flour gives you rich taste, flavour and softness that there is no alternative to. We understand the needs of the catering business and try to provide them with a variety of products. Branco Pizza Flour is made from premium Canadian wheat which is flavourful and bakes the best pizzas. Canadian wheat contains a high quantity of protein and is used for superior baking. Branco Flour is loved by chefs and culinary experts because its ground finely and creates the best texture. This type of wheat is approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which gives it an edge over other pizza flour blends. Moreover, Canadian Milling and agricultural practices are known to be sustainable and environmentally responsible, following strict clean air, clean water, clean land policy. Therefore, it is the preferred pizza flour of our customers.

Pentagon Foods is offering an exciting opportunity to its customers that you do not want to miss. With every £200 purchase, you can now get Branco Flour for free! Order now from Pentagon Foods and we will have it delivered to your premises. Our logistics team will ensure that you receive your order on time and in the best condition possible.


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