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Best burger buns you can order from your food distributor

Are you a manager of a takeaway restaurant seeking quality burger buns? Burger buns are frequently available in stores, however they are typically somewhat artificial and tasteless. The correct form or size of better-quality buns is typically heavy and chewy.

In this article we will discuss about best bun for burgers in the UK and where you can easily shop them.

Americana Plain Buns

Plain Burger Buns

Probably the best thing about plain buns is the simplicity. The downside to some extent is the fact that they do not offer anything extra. However, this is the most common and most famous type of bun out there and everyone has tried this one.

American Sesame Seed Buns

sesame bun

You can always rely on this one to draw in many people as this is one of your favorites. The sesame seed buns have some seeds, but they don’t have much to add besides that. However, these buns have grown in popularity and have been used by almost all burger joints. You shall find them at every burger party.

Americana Potato Buns


Besides being way too starchy they are not too bad for burgers. Their rich taste is what makes them another favorite of the burger lovers. These buns are best served hot, and you can bet that your burger will taste even better with these buns.

Americana English Muffins

English Muffins Buns

These buns are mostly famous for being eaten during breakfast. They are used in sandwiches mostly. But if you add them to your burger then you shall have a crunchier burger to bite on. This could be a variety for sure. If you want to diversify and experiment with your burgers, then try English muffins for sure. There are many burger bun suppliers in the UK you can buy English muffins from them.

Americana Pretzel

pretzel buns

The only downside is that they have a hard surface, and they can be hard to bite on. But if you like to make a huge, meaty burger then this is the best bun to hold up all that meat. Another good thing about this bun is that it will not get wet and soggy due to all the sauces and juices from your meat and condiments.

Americana Sliced Bread

Sliced Bread Burger Buns

Having sliced bread for your burgers is just too old-fashioned and it feels like you are fixing yourself a snack in your kitchen. However, it does not have the best look to go with for a burger party. The only problem with having bread for burgers is that it is way too thin for the condiments, meat and the juicy ingredients to hold up.

Americana Ciabatta

cibata bread buns

Probably best to have when you have tough ingredients like big slices of meat and lots of condiments. Tough, dry and hard is the texture of this bun. But it can really serve the purpose if you want to add lots of stuff into your burger. The best thing about it is that its soft inner parts will absorb all the juicy ingredients.

Americana Lettuce

lettuce buns

It’s the best thing for vegetarians. Many people who like to keep to a vegan diet will prefer to eat this. The vegetarians will probably use this bun to make a vegetable burger or have alternative meat in it. This is also a good variety for you if you are throwing a big party. There are various wholesale burger bun stores in the UK you can buy Americana Lettuce from them.

Americana Kaiser Roll

Kaiser Roll Buns

Kaiser rolls have soft and flaky exterior structure. It can easily hold up a meaty patty despite not offering much to the taste. It also comes with sesame seeds on top. They will, however, give a good look to your burger since your burgers will not be soaked or soggy. Their ingredients will remain intact.

Americana Brioche

brioche buns

It is the best type of buns considered as it seems to be the only gourmet bun. It has a dynamic flavor and texture to it. It has a higher level of eggs and butter mixed in the making of this bread. This bread seems to be the perfect one for making your burgers since it adds a lot to the flavor of the meat and other ingredients.

Americana Onion Roll

Onion Roll Buns

Burgers have a lot of condiments, especially onions. You can either add onion to the buns yourself or get the onion roll. The onion roll can also come in sweet buns. Onion rolls can give your burger a much stronger taste.

Burger Bun Suppliers in UK:

Pentagon Food Group is a burger bun supplier in UK since 2007. We have a vast experience in UK’s food distribution industry. We supply more than 1500 foodservice businesses in UK.

We have UK’s popular brands’ burger buns including Americana and Kara.

We deliver in East and West Midland area of UK to different food service businesses like takeaways, caterers, fish and chip shops, and fast food outlets.


Many would argue that the potato roll is probably the best type of bun for your burger, and you should get it from your food distributor. However, it also depends on the brand which you are ordering. Americana buns are the best as they have all these different types and can be available readily.

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