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Aviko Chips – A Guide for New Buyers

If you’re looking for a quick snack or side dish, Aviko chips are a great choice. Aviko chips are a popular snack around the world! With their delicious taste, crunchy texture, and variety of flavours, it’s no wonder why so many people love them.

Over the past 50 years, Aviko has produced value from potatoes. A pioneer in frozen, fresh, and dried potatoes since 1962, the company has grown into a leading European firm.  In this ultimate guide to Aviko chips, we’ll discuss what makes them so special, how to prepare them and where you can buy Aviko chips. So, let’s get started! 

What Makes Aviko Chips Special?

High-quality potatoes are used to make Aviko chips, and the chips are fried in vegetable oil. This combination of ingredients gives them a unique flavour and texture that is hard to find in other brands. Another thing that makes Aviko fries special is that they come in various flavours. From classic sea salt and vinegar to spicy jalapeno and cheese, there’s something for everyone. Plus, they are perfect for dipping into your favourite sauces or condiments. 

Where can I buy Aviko Chips?

Aviko chips can be purchased from the following sources. 

1. From Aviko directly  

From ‘farm to fork’, Aviko takes responsibility and believes in joy for everyone. A sense of pleasure for growers, suppliers, customers, end users, consumers, colleagues, and the planet. Aviko’s website is the first place you can order for delivery to the UK. Make sure you order a large amount for your restaurant. 

2. Aviko distributor  

Distributors are also an option. Aviko has several distributors in the UK who can provide their products to food service and retail establishments. You can buy Aviko chips from various Aviko Chip suppliers in the UK. Your business’s growth may depend on choosing the right Aviko chips supplier UK. 

3. Aviko retailer

Aviko chips can be purchased at most grocery stores and supermarkets. Aviko chips is available in many grocery stores and supermarkets in the UK. Check your local retailer to see if Aviko fries are available. You should be able to find Aviko chips in most supermarkets and stores in the UK.  

However, the range of Aviko chips available in the UK may vary from store to store. 

4. Online  

You can also order Aviko chips online from different sites. 

Aviko Chips Supplier in UK

Are looking for a reliable and trustworthy Aviko supplier UK. You can buy all types of Aviko chips from us. At Pentagon Food Group, you can buy all the Aviko products for your restaurant or takeaway at reasonable prices.

There are so many delicious flavours of Aviko chips, but some of the favourites are the classic sea salt and vinegar and the spicy jalapeno and cheese. These flavours have a great balance of salty and spicy, making them perfect for snacking. Peoples also love BBQ-flavoured chips. These are great for adding a smoky and sweet flavour to your meal. You can buy all flavours of Aviko from us. 

Common Questions People Have About Aviko Chips

Are Aviko Chips Gluten Free? 

Aviko chips are gluten-free. They don’t contain any wheat or gluten-based ingredients. 

Are Aviko Chips Vegan? 

Aviko chips are vegan-friendly chips that everyone can eat. They are made with vegetable oil and don’t contain any animal-based ingredients. 

How to Prepare Aviko Chips?

Preparing Aviko chips is easy. All you need is a deep fryer and some vegetable oil. Once you’ve heated the oil to the appropriate temperature, you can add the chips and fry them for about 5 minutes. For best results, shake the basket of Aviko fries and chips every minute to ensure even cooking. Once golden brown and crispy, remove them from the oil and cool them on a paper towel. 


Aviko chips are excellent snacks or side dishes. Their unique taste and variety of flavours are sure to please everyone. Plus, they are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed with various sauces and condiments. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a side dish for a meal, Aviko chips are a great option. It is best to buy from a reliable and trustworthy Aviko supplier; it is important for the growth of the business.

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