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How to Celebrate Halloween at Your Restaurant?

October has started, which means the spooky season has started. Everyone is getting into the scary, festive vibe as Halloween approaches. Like other significant holidays, Halloween is a perfect opportunity to plan themed events and promotions to attract guests to your restaurant and increase sales. Everyone enjoys dressing up and joining in the Halloween celebration, which will attract customers to your restaurant for all the nightly-themed events and deals. You’ve come to the perfect place if you think whether a Halloween promotional event is suitable for your business. Continue reading for ideas and practical suggestions to help you put on a fantastic Halloween event at your restaurant.

8 Unique Ideas to Celebrate Halloween at Your Restaurant

1. Transform the restaurant into a spooky theme

Give a spooky theme to your restaurant. The best thing is to make a theme of your favourite horror movie. Such as the theme of “Haunted House,” “The Conjuring,” “Resident Evil,” and “Harry porter.” These themes make your restaurant scarier. Hang the Skelton and Cobweb, place tombstones, and hang bat banners to make the restaurant creepier. Jack-O-Lanterns, skulls, and pumpkin is the best addition to your restaurant theme.

2. Staff costume

The staff should also be in costume according to the restaurant’s theme. Like zombies, or if you have a theme of Harry Potter, then someone should be in Voldemort, Tom the Barman, Bellatrix Lestrange, Worm tail, and Fenrir Greyback costumes. These staff costumes, according to the theme, impress the customers.

3. Menu Card of Halloween Theme

Turn your menu card according to the Halloween theme. You may change the name of dishes with scary good names like 

  • Soups -Vampire soup
  • Bowls – Monster Mashup
  • Pizza – Devil Pizza
  • Drinks – Vampire Blood

You may cook the dishes in different Halloween-themed shapes and make menu cards according to the theme. 

4. Use Halloween-theme vessel

You may use dining equipment with a Halloween theme instead of traditional ones at the restaurant.

  • Pumpkin Mason Jar
  • Use bowls of different shapes and crafts
  • Spoons in different shapes
  • For drinks use test tubes

5. Hosting a costume fashion show

By organizing a costume contest on October 31st, you may allow customers to show off their creative, well-planned costumes and Halloween gear. Announce the winners of scary Night and give them a gift such as a free meal or a special promotion.

Best Costume awards, such as

  • Best-dressed couple
  • Best kids’ costumes
  • Best group costume
  • Best costume male/female

6. Organize a game night

Host a game night and reward the victors with Halloween promos. The games listed below are some you could host.

  • Trivia and Tricks
  • Race for Brooms
  • Bartender Trick or Treat
  • Keep Your Eye on the Ball

7. Offer Halloweens Promos

Promoting themed sales, the week before October 31st is a terrific way to get into the Halloween mood days in advance. For each day of the week, consider offering special discounts on certain menu items.

8. Promotion of your Halloween event on social media

The primary step after all these is promoting social media, social media campaigns and targeting the audience through different social media platforms and email marketing. And tell the customers about the deals and events you will organize in your restaurant. After Halloween, use pictures and videos on your social media accounts.


By implementing the above idea, restaurants can join the festivities of a little spooky fun. Halloween provides a fair chance for restaurants to capitalize on people’s desire for a little spooky fun. By celebrating Halloween in your restaurant, you make your customers Celebrating Halloween in your restaurant makes happy, and with different fun proms and events, you make them your regular customer. A satisfied customer will be your regular customer.

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