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How to find reliable food suppliers for your newly opened restaurant: A food wholesalers guide

Opening a new restaurant is a challenging task, that can take too long for you to plan and even longer to execute if you do not know what to look for and where to get it. You will need some reliable sources of food items that can be supplied frequently and consistently. This has a lot to do with the food supplier and the efficiency with which they deliver the supplies to your restaurant. In times of resource scarcity, we need reliable sources of food, and your restaurant needs to have an ever-ready supply of food. Along with the food supply, you will also need other services related to the restaurant industry. It is better to find a food and drink supplier in the UK that has a diverse portfolio of supplies including food and other related items.

    • List your supply needs and suppliers

You must be sure of what items you require in your restaurant. Making a list of required items is the best way to go about it. Then you should focus on what type of food supplier you need to contact. Should you rely on the delivery and services or the prices they are charging. Make sure that you select a legitimate and running business to choose as your vendor.

    • Traits of reliable food suppliers

You cannot rely on your gut feeling about a food supplier as it is a huge responsibility to select a supplier that will stick with you, in the long run, delivering the goods as well. After you have created a list of your needs then you can find a supplier who will accommodate your requirements. A good supplier will tailor their services according to your needs. You also can check their references in the market, ask about their methods of delivering the services, time of availability of services, quality assurance methods, and payment options. The right kind of supplier will also be of significant help in gathering information about the market since you can get a lot of knowledge about the industry from a food supplier. This is of course going to require interpersonal skills to be used on your part such as building a rapport with your supplier and giving discounts if they eat at your restaurant.

    • Product Quality

This is the one most important thing that you can never compromise on the quality of your food will be the only reason for your restaurant to earn standing and make a name for itself in the market. The quality of raw material must be checked for freshness and other quality assurance standards set for foods. Also, make sure that the packaging of the product relates to your brand.

    • Maintaining versatile contacts

You will have to understand the fact that you shall not be dealing with one supplier but with several suppliers from diverse backgrounds and different specialties based on the product they sell. You will come across suppliers with a vast network of supplies spread across the nation. The upside of choosing them will be the deals giving the bulk of the product, discounts, centralized sourcing, and large variety. If you deal with farmers directly, they shall be able to supply you with fresher food ingredients and can also grow to produce specially for your need.

    • Local Food Wholesalers

if you chose to buy from local markets then you shall be able to get fresher products for your restaurant as well, but you will have more variety to choose from and learn about the food industry. Organic suppliers are also reliable sources of supplies, and they may also be working large scale or nationwide. The advantage of organic suppliers is that their products are environmentally friendly. Getting your supply from butchers can help you in getting fresh meat cuts, but the expenses might be more, and the supply may also be limited.

    • Make your choices

It is obvious that there will be a huge list of suppliers for you to choose from so you should make your choices by narrowing them down. One way of doing this is to

    1. Make your menu and see what you need as food items.
    2. Also create categories for all the products such as meat, dairy, vegetables etc.
    3. Then you should estimate how much storage you have and how much sale you can forecast for your restaurant.
    4. Meet with the sale representatives of food suppliers and then compare them with other suppliers to see if you have made the right choice.


Starting a new restaurant is not an easy task and you should be ready to take on this challenge. It is a tedious task that takes a lot of homework before you start operating the restaurant. In order to make sure that no customer goes home unsatisfied you need to make sure that all the ingredients of success are present in your restaurant. Having a reliable food supplier will be the building block of your business and will play a leading role in the success or failure of your business. Therefore, use all these tips to find the best-suited suppliers for your restaurants.

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