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Myths About Frozen Chicken

The debate about fresh vs. frozen food has been going on since ages and it’s getting more heated as we’re becoming more conscious about the food we consume. Is it convenient? Is it affordable? Does it reduce food waste? Is it nutritious? Many people believe that fresh is the best, but that doesn’t make frozen food any less good. Having a busy life, we need practical and effective solutions when it comes to food. Today, we’ll be discussing a popular frozen food category i.e. frozen chicken.

We’re here to address the most common myths about frozen chicken to help you know if it’s right for you or not. Read on to know more!

Myth 1: You need to thaw frozen chicken before cooking it

thaw chicken

It is fine to cook frozen chicken on the stovetop or in the oven without defrosting it. It will just take some extra time for the chicken to get properly cooked, otherwise, there is no issue in cooking the chicken without thawing it.

Myth 2: Frozen chicken is more processed

processed frozen chicken

Frozen chicken is just like the chicken in a tray. Both are natural and do not contain any antibiotics. However, the frozen one is at the peak of freshness. Frozen chicken has a thin layer of ice over it which allows for a longer shelf life without compromising on quality. When you cook frozen chicken in a covered pan over a stovetop, this thin ice layer quickly melts and generates steam which facilitates faster cooking.

Myth 3: Frozen chicken isn’t healthy

unhealthy chicken

Note here that there is no difference between fresh and frozen chicken in terms of nutrition. So, never think twice before picking up your favourite frozen vegetables, fruits, and chicken from the freezer aisle.

Myth 4: Frozen chicken isn’t as fresh

unfresh frozen chicken

Frozen chicken is frozen quickly right off the line which preserves its freshness. Also, frozen chicken, as opposed to fresh chicken, is more tender and juicier. Frozen chicken usually comes with a long “use by” date, making itself convenient and always available for cooking. Fresh chicken also comes with a “use by” date but it is usually only 14 to 16 days from the time it’s packaged.

Myth 5: Frozen chicken is not convenient

convenient chicken

If you think of all the effort and time that goes into shopping for fresh chicken before you even get around to prepare it, you’ll realize that frozen chicken is way more convenient than its fresh counterpart. Fresh chicken has a window of about 2 weeks, which means a lot of trips to the supermarket if chicken is on your menu every day. A bag of frozen chicken from a reliable chicken supplier UK has you covered for the year. Unexpected guests, no problem. Busy day, no problem. You can prepare a delicious meal anytime with frozen chicken.

The Takeaway!

Frozen chicken is more convenient, sustainable, and just as healthy as fresh. Also, it helps reduce food waste significantly, which is a huge benefit. Freezing is simply a way to stop time, which allows you to only use what you need, how much you need, and when you need it. Also, for people like us who have a super-busy routine, frozen chicken and other frozen foods are no less than a lifesaver. So, don’t be fooled by these myths. You can stock your freezer with frozen chicken just like you stock it with veggies and fruits. Hopefully now you won’t ever overthink the question of “fresh vs. frozen”.

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