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Myths About Frozen Chicken

The debate about fresh vs. frozen food has been going on for ages and it’s getting more heated as we’re becoming more conscious about the food we consume. Is it convenient? Is it affordable? Does it reduce food waste? Is it nutritious? Many people believe that fresh is the best, but that doesn’t make frozen food any less good. Having a busy life, we need practical and effective solutions when it comes to food. Today, we’ll be discussing a popular frozen food category i.e. frozen chicken.

We’re here to address the most common myths about frozen chicken to help you know if it’s right for you or not. Read on to know more!

Myth 1: You need to thaw frozen chicken before cooking it

thaw chicken

It is fine to cook frozen chicken on the stovetop or in the oven without defrosting it. It will just take some extra time for the chicken to get properly cooked, otherwise, there is no issue in cooking the chicken without thawing it.

Myth 2: Frozen chicken is more processed

processed frozen chicken

Frozen chicken is just like the chicken in a tray. Both are natural and do not contain any antibiotics. However, the frozen one is at the peak of freshness. Frozen chicken has a thin layer of ice over it which allows for a longer shelf life without compromising on quality. When you cook frozen chicken in a covered pan over a stovetop, this thin ice layer quickly melts and generates steam which facilitates faster cooking.

Myth 3: Frozen chicken isn’t healthy

unhealthy chicken

Note here that there is no difference between fresh and frozen chicken in terms of nutrition. So, never think twice before picking up your favourite frozen vegetables, fruits, and chicken from the freezer aisle.

Myth 4: Frozen chicken isn’t as fresh

unfresh frozen chicken

Frozen chicken is frozen quickly right off the line which preserves its freshness. Also, frozen chicken, as opposed to fresh chicken, is more tender and juicier. Frozen chicken usually comes with a long “use by” date, making itself convenient and always available for cooking. Fresh chicken also comes with a “use by” date but it is usually only 14 to 16 days from the time it’s packaged.

Myth 5: Frozen chicken is not convenient

convenient chicken

If you think of all the effort and time that goes into shopping for fresh chicken before you even prepare it, you’ll realize that frozen chicken is way more convenient than its fresh counterpart. Fresh chicken has a window of about 2 weeks, which means a lot of trips to the supermarket if the chicken is on your menu every day. A bag of frozen chicken from a reliable chicken supplier UK has you covered for the year. Unexpected guests, no problem. Busy day, no problem. You can prepare a delicious meal anytime with frozen chicken.

Common Frozen Chicken FAQs

What is the difference between a fresh and frozen chicken? 

Fresh chicken is often sold within a day or two of slaughtering, and frozen chicken can be up to six months old when purchased. Frozen chicken is typically less expensive than fresh and can often be found more easily than its fresh counterpart.  

Is frozen chicken processed?  

Frozen chicken is just like the chicken in a tray. Both are natural and do not contain any antibiotics. However, the frozen one is at the peak of freshness. Frozen chicken has a thin layer of ice over it, allowing for a longer shelf life without compromising on quality. When you cook frozen chicken in a covered pan over a stovetop, this thin ice layer quickly melts and generates steam, facilitating faster cooking.

Is frozen chicken better than fresh? 

There is zero nutritional difference between fresh chicken and frozen chicken. Frozen chicken is an excellent source of protein. You can reduce your risk of foodborne illness by properly storing, thawing, and cooking it. Chicken that has been frozen retains all its nutrition. The taste retention may be slightly less depending on how it was frozen (rapid industrial freezing is preferable), mainly if one purchases fresh chicken and leaves it in the freezer to freeze.

Is frozen chicken cheaper than fresh?

Fresh chicken is often more expensive than frozen chicken because suppliers must consider the expense of producing the animals as well as satisfying safety regulations. Because of its long shelf life, frozen chicken is a more convenient storage option. Fresh chicken spoils rapidly, while frozen chicken may last for months in great shape. Prices will be kept down by freezing.

What is the frozen chicken expiration date?  

Food poisoning bacteria cannot grow in the freezer; thus, it is safe to eat no matter how long it has been frozen. Foods that have been frozen for months may be dry or taste bad, but they are still safe to consume “according to an article on the US Department of Agriculture’s blog. After the sell-by date, the frozen chicken will typically last 3-4 months. It may be stored in the freezer for up to a year with minimal quality loss. Food safety is the primary reason for the expiration date on frozen chicken items.

Is cooked frozen chicken healthy?  

 Yes, cooked frozen chicken is healthy as freshly cooked chicken. The fungi or bacteria is gone dormant or sleeping when we freeze the food or chicken. And it will become active when we heat them to cook. Heating destroys the bacteria, so cooked frozen chicken is as healthy as freshly cooked chicken.

Is frozen chicken healthy?  

As no preservatives are used during the flash-freezing method, the nutritional profile of frozen chicken is like fresh chicken; however, blast-chilled chicken may include additional chemicals. Commercially frozen chicken may occasionally be injected with a saline solution, giving it a high salt content. To retain as much nutrition, texture, and freshness as possible in frozen chicken, it is frequently blast-cooled or flash-frozen. The fluid inside the chicken is kept from crystallizing into a considerable mass, which might hasten the loss of texture and nutritional value.

Is it safe to cook frozen chicken? 

Yes, it is safe to cook frozen chicken. You can thaw it in the refrigerator and then proceed with how you would normally cook your chicken. 

How long is frozen chicken good for?  

The frozen chicken will last for up to six months in the freezer, depending on how they were stored. It must be cooked immediately, or it will spoil, so don’t make any plans to freeze it for later. 

If frozen chicken is left out for 24 hours, is it still cookable? 

No meat product should be stored at room temperature for more than two hours. This law also covers frozen chicken. The chicken won’t likely be wholly defrosted for many hours. As a result, the surface of the chicken will have been exposed to the risk area for an extended period, allowing germs to flourish.

Can I cook partially frozen chicken?

A partly frozen chicken can be cooked, but it will rapidly become tough. Thus, you might need to extend the cooking time if you prepare a partially frozen chicken. Increase the cooking time for frozen meats by 1.5 times the original cooking time. After that, season the partially frozen chicken as if it were completely thawed.

Can I leave the frozen chicken out overnight? 

Never let the frozen chicken stay at room temperature for more than a few hours. This is true regardless of whether the product is cooked, frozen, or uncooked. The chicken collects dangerous microorganisms at room temperature that neither cooking nor reheating can get rid of. If you leave it outside all night, you must throw it away. Bacteria can rapidly reproduce at room temperature. The varieties of bacteria that cause food poisoning may multiply double in only 20 minutes between 40- and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It is advised to let it defrost overnight in the refrigerator.

Does a frozen chicken have preservatives?

It depends on the brand and type of chicken you are purchasing. Generally, fresh chicken does not contain preservatives, but frozen chicken may contain preservatives such as sodium tripolyphosphate or sodium erythorbate. Check the label of the product you are buying for more information.

The Takeaway!

Frozen chicken is more convenient, sustainable, and just as healthy as fresh. Also, it helps reduce food waste significantly, which is a huge benefit. Freezing is simply a way to stop time, which allows you to only use what you need, how much you need, and when you need it. Also, for people like us who have a super-busy routine, frozen chicken and other frozen foods are no less than a lifesaver. So, don’t be fooled by these myths. You can stock your freezer with frozen chicken just like you stock it with veggies and fruits. Hopefully, now you won’t ever overthink the question of “fresh vs. frozen”.

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