Top tips from commercial food suppliers in the UK to keep your restaurant business from failing

Top tips from commercial food suppliers in the UK to sustain the restaurant businesses

Restaurant businesses often have trouble bringing in customers and this is something commercial food suppliers in the UK have witnessed quite a lot with their customers. What to do when your customers are unhappy and have a whole lot of complaints when you do ask them about their reviews? Restaurant management has to deal with a lot of things daily but taking the harsh criticism from customers with a cordial attitude is something that takes up most of their workday. How to deal with a restaurant that is failing and how to make it popular again among customers? Keep reading to find out.


Running a restaurant business is difficult even when it is easy but it is especially difficult when there aren’t as many customers coming in or the reputation is failing because of a bad yelp review or two. Most restaurants fail due to a combination of reasons which consists of surface problems and the deeper issues that are the root cause of a business disaster in the making. 


Startups and Experience


Most newly opened restaurants will face the most difficult first year and quit because their investment was too big and they didn’t even break even. Restaurants that don’t close within their first year are still likely to go bankrupt within the first 5 years. 


The restaurant business seems like a bunch of wealthy businesses with customers always coming in because there is always a demand for food and yet it is an especially difficult business with a saturated industry and getting customers is quite difficult is the majority of the customers never even find out about your business.


A lack of experience is detrimental and will lead to the inevitable demise of your restaurant business. 


Owning a restaurant is more art than business than often the key to success in the market is creating an experience as opposed to good food. Because that is what the customers will return for. The most successful restaurant businesses are run by a people that have had already failed at a few restaurant businesses and learnt from it. Do you need to fail to succeed? In theory, yes. But in this market if you fail to get back up maybe not being possible. We recommend using the expertise and advice of someone who has run a restaurant business before because you can always be pragmatic and learn from someone else’s mistakes. 



Teamwork and Leadership 


As any other business would, the restaurant business is likely to falter and collapse under poor leadership. The industry is tough enough as it is and without stellar teamwork being the competitors is impossible. And yes there are a whole lot of competitors with business advantages such as capital and diversification. 


As a restaurant business, you will have to manage smaller groups with a diverse set of skills. Leadership is required to motivate employees and establish hierarchy. A good restaurant will have well-trained and efficient employees otherwise the business will not take long to crash and burn. A bottom-up approach will ensure that employees follow through the chain of command clearly and confusion is avoided which can be very destructive in a restaurant business. 


Managing finances


Finances for a restaurant business can be especially complex. From food costs to labour costs and the ongoing profit and loss statements can overwhelm you no matter where the business degree is from. It is best to hire an accountant early on to protect your business from financial instability and getting an expert to do the taxes. A cashier and an accountant mustn’t be the same person because confusion and workload can result in grave consequences for the business when it comes to money. 


Consult with your accountant to keep a ready list of most used products to help you navigate your expenses during uncertain and financially strained times. 


Customer Service 


Customer service allows a business to build rapport among customers. Getting a bad rep for poor customer service can indeed end restaurant businesses. Customers are especially charmed by businesses where their queries and demands are heard or overall responsiveness is high. It shows that business is a running one. Poor customer service shows people that this business is run by incompetent people. 


Bad food quality


One of the most important thing that all restaurants should ensure to never lose customers is focused on the food quality, taste and presentation. Customers are especially unforgiving about food that isn’t up to the mark and taste that doesn’t justify the cost. To ensure that customers nerve have to complain about food quality we recommend getting a wholesale food distributor on board and having your pantry packed with the best and most used products. Running out of ketchup on a busy day may not seem like a huge problem but we assure you that it can make or break a business. 


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