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Why is Demand for Frozen Food Increasing?

Demand for frozen food is increasing due to the different needs of consumers. Frozen food can be consumed immediately, it has low cost and it’s easier to transport. This trend is likely to continue in the upcoming years since people are increasingly concerned about their health and changing lifestyles have led many to turn to frozen food as a healthy alternative.

An Overview of Frozen Food Market

Frozen Food Market in UK is getting huge popularity these days, due to the increase in demand and awareness towards frozen food. Frozen food is a category of packaged foods that are stored frozen at or below 0°C (32°F) prior to consumption.

The frozen food industry in UK is growing at a CAGR of 7.3% during this period. The development of frozen foods technology has opened avenues for growth because it helps in maintaining freshness, taste, texture and color even after freezing.

Frozen food is an important part of the global nutrition industry. It contains a wide range of nutrients and beneficial ingredients which help in maintaining health and wellness. Frozen products are processed using modern technologies that ensure their nutritional value remains intact through freezing process as well as shelf life extension techniques such as lyophilization and extrusion.

15 Reasons Why Demand of Frozen Food is Increasing

Frozen food is one of the most popular segments in the frozen food industry. The demand for frozen food has increased over the years because of the following reasons.

1. It’s Convenient

Frozen foods are convenient and easy to prepare. They can be prepared in a short time and keep for long periods of time. Frozen foods are available in different types of shapes, sizes and flavors. The frozen foods come in various types of packaging which makes them very convenient to buy and serve.

2. Long Shelf Life

Frozen Food has a long shelf life. In fact, frozen foods can last for several years without refrigeration if properly stored in a freezer at -18 degrees centigrade or below. This makes frozen foods more affordable and practical for consumers who do not have time to cook every day or need quick meals on-the-go from their freezer.

3. Easily Available

The availability of frozen food has increased in recent years because of the increasing population and increasing number of people living in urban areas.

4. Easy Transportation

Factors which has increased the demand of frozen food is Easy transportation. The more you take it with you, the more convenient it is to eat. It can be eaten anywhere and anytime. Frozen food is very portable and easy to carry around. It can be easily transported by air, road or sea.

5. Available at Cheap Price

The price of frozen foods is less than that of fresh ones because they do not need to be transported from farms or fields to households or markets to be sold. Frozen foods are stored under controlled conditions where they can be stored for long periods without losing their quality or flavor.

6. No Preservatives and Additives

Frozen Food contains no preservatives and additives that may cause allergic reactions in some individuals or negatively affect their health in other ways, such as fat or salt content.

7. Healthy and Tasty

Frozen Food is very healthy and tasty. It is also less expensive than other types of food. For example, frozen fish is much cheaper than fresh fish on the market. Moreover, frozen vegetables are less expensive than fresh vegetables on the market. Therefore, people prefer to buy frozen food rather than fresh food because it is more convenient for them to use it.

8. Improved Freezing Technology

Improved technology has also helped in increasing demand of frozen food. It helps in maintaining the quality and taste of frozen food products by freezing them at proper temperature for a longer period with less damage to the product, thereby increasing their shelf life for a longer period of time.

9. New Variety with Good Quality

With the introduction of new varieties of frozen foods, there is an increase in their quality as well as in their number. Varieties like chicken and beef have been introduced and are available in different forms such as fillets, stewed, minced and so on.

10. Lifestyle Changes

The demand for frozen food is increasing due to lifestyle changes. In a world where people are increasingly busy, time is money and the need for convenience has increased. Frozen food offers an alternative to fresh food which can be prepared quickly and easily at home.

11. Changing Consumer Needs

The demand for frozen food has increased because of changing consumer needs. The consumers are changing their eating habits and are looking for products that are healthy and nutritious. The consumers also prefer to eat home-cooked meals rather than buying ready-made meals from the market. This has increased the demand for frozen foods.

12. Less Wastage of Food

The demand for frozen foods is increasing at a rapid rate. Frozen food is less wastage of food and also saves time, money and energy. The main reason for this is that frozen food is usually thawed out in home rather than in restaurants and hotels where it needs to be reheated.

13. Healthy and Nutritious Food

The demand for frozen foods has increased because of its health benefits, nutritional value and convenience. Frozen foods are packed with vitamins that are important for good health. They contain no preservatives, so they will not spoil in storage. Frozen foods also contain less fat than their fresh counterparts, which makes them easier to digest and much healthier than their fresh counterparts.

14. Easy to Store

Frozen food is easy to store, especially if you buy it in bulk from a retailer. These companies offer large freezer sections where you can store large amounts of frozen food at one time and freeze them until needed. This makes it easier than ever before to stock up on frozen meals so that they aren’t wasted when they get old or go bad.

15. Frozen Food Producers Work Closely with Retailers on Marketing Strategies

Frozen food producers work closely with retailers on marketing strategies. Frozen food producers are also able to influence their customers by offering different types of frozen foods and their particular brands. Generally, frozen foods are more economical and convenient than fresh produce, which makes them very popular in many countries.

How Distributors and Suppliers Are Playing Role in Frozen Food Industry

The frozen food suppliers and distributors play a vital role in increasing the demand for frozen food. They are responsible to carry out their activities as per the needs of their customers. The frozen food suppliers and distributors are also responsible for increasing their profits by selling the goods at competitive prices.

The frozen food manufacturers need to focus on increasing their production so that they can meet the ever-growing demand for the product. The manufacturers have to keep track of their production capacity so that there is no wastage or loss of goods during transportation process or during storage period.
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Frozen foods have been trending upward again, but why is this happening? Several reasons are available for the observed increase in frozen food popularity. Along with a trend toward healthier eating, which includes increased demand for frozen fruits and vegetables, consumer preferences appear to be changing regarding fresh fruits and vegetables that are out of season.

These days, you can find a large selection of frozen food in supermarkets, with prices ranging from low budget to high end ones. Since they are already cooked and ready to eat, preparing frozen food takes just minutes, making life easier for busy families who have no time left over to cook creatively.

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