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Mental Health Awareness Week in UK

What is Mental Health Week?

Mental Health awareness Week is a nationwide initiative to spread awareness about the importance of mental health, the ways that it can improve mental state and can impact every area of our lives.  The program was established by the Canadian Psychiatric Association, with the goal of encouraging people to talk about mental health issues to reduce stigma around them. Mental Health Awareness Week is celebrated all over the world, with many organizations hosting events and activities throughout the week. Some groups choose to host fundraisers for mental health-related charities, while others will host information sessions that help teach people how they can take steps toward living happier and healthier lives.

The week also provides an opportunity for adults to educate youth about how to recognize signs of mental illness in themselves and others and how to take action when someone needs help, and how to build resilience towards stress.

The Importance of Mental Health

It’s important to keep your mental health in good condition for several reasons. Mental health is a major part of our physical health. It has been proven that good moods are linked to good health, and bad moods are linked to bad health. This can be as simple as a smile making you happier, or eating something delicious making you feel better. Unhealthy emotions can cause physical problems like headaches or other pain, or even more serious issues like heart attacks or strokes.

Keeping your mind in shape helps you to stay healthy physically, which is essential for the rest of your body to function properly. Setting aside time for yourself on a regular basis will help your mind get into a habit and will encourage you to take care of yourself by making sure that you have time to relax and do things that make you happy.

There are also social reasons to keep your mental health in check. Having healthy relationships with friends and family members is an important part of feeling satisfied with life as a whole, and being able to maintain those relationships relies heavily on keeping up strong emotional bonds. The way you see the people around you will affect how much positive energy they get from being around you, which can make it easier for you to be happy.

The Effects of Depression and Anxiety in the Workplace

It is no secret that mental health is a challenging issue for workplaces trying to build strong and productive teams. While mental health is not always the primary cause of job stress and employee burnout, it can be the catalyst for emotional breakdowns and professional mistakes.

The causes of depression and anxiety in the workplace vary for each individual, but there are factors that employers can control. By implementing certain strategies, employers may be able to reduce the amount of anxiety and depression among employees.

How It Affects Your Daily Life

Mental health is a part of everyone’s life. We may not be able to see it, but it is there. It affects how people interact with the world around them and how they feel about themselves and others. Mental health is also something that is not talked about enough in everyday conversation, especially in the workplace. This leads to people feeling alienated from their peers and coworkers, which further leads to mental health issues. Mental health problems can be caused by stress from work and family life, money trouble, and even marital problems. Depression can also be caused by many things such as lack of self-worth or a poor relationship with a significant other.

The effects of mental health on the lives of random people are numerous. Some even say that mental health problems are the leading cause of absenteeism at work. Mental health issues can be contagious through word of mouth as well as while having contact with infected individuals. There is no known way to catch mental illness, but it has been proven that being around someone who is mentally ill can make you more likely to develop symptoms yourself. It is important that we keep an eye on each other when we are out in public or at work.

Ways You can Improve Your Mental Health with Others

A sense of belonging is a fundamental human need. We need to feel like we are part of a group, and that our contributions are valued. This need is so strong that some people will do things they otherwise wouldn’t do in order to feel like they belong.

You can use the power of connection to improve your mental health. You can do this by seeking out people with similar interests and goals, or you can do it by lending your time and energy to other social groups. Here are some ways you can improve your mental health by contributing to others:

  • Be there for someone else– Reach out when someone needs a listening ear or wants to talk about their problems. Offer advice if you have it, but don’t push yourself on someone who doesn’t want it.

When you are there for someone else, you are giving them a gift. You are showing that you care about them enough to listen, and that you want them to know they aren’t alone in whatever they’re struggling with. While they may not always be able to return the favour instantly, over time, they will most certainly appreciate your efforts.

  • Create a community– Find like-minded people who have similar interests as yours and form a small community with them. This community is great because it helps its members be productive in several ways: by motivating them, by providing connections with other people who have been in similar situations or have knowledge about certain topics, etc. It also gives them a sense of community.

How Pentagon Food Group is Contributing in Mental Health Improvement

Pentagon Food Group is no longer just a leading foodservice distribution company, they are now certified as a Mental Health Committed Employer in the United Kingdom. That means they have signed the Mental Health Charter, which is a standard of excellence for employers to support their employees’ mental health and well-being. They have made this commitment to do so by creating a plan with specific initiatives and procedures to ensure that their employees will be given the support that they need if they find themselves struggling with depression or anxiety.

It also includes offering flexible working policies, providing employee assistance programs (EAPs) or access to confidential counseling services and encouraging managers to give all members of staff a voice when it comes to discussing how best to improve employee wellbeing.

They will also be offering training for managers and supervisors on how to deal with employees who are having issues, as well as how to recognize when someone at work might need help. For people who are in positions of responsibility within Pentagon Food Group, one of the best ways that they can help their staff is by knowing how to handle a crisis situation when it arises. The most important thing for an employer is to be understanding, but also not allow their employee’s behavior to affect other workers. If you know what signs to look out for and how to react when you see them, you can protect your employee’s job while ensuring that everyone else’s wellbeing isn’t compromised either.

The company also announced that it had signed up with the Mentally Healthy Workplace Pledge, which encourages employers to work toward reducing stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues by placing emphasis on employee wellness and education about these issues.

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