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How can restaurants and food business owners increase food delivery?

Ever since the pandemic hit, food ordering has increased. Restaurants have experienced an increase in their sales through online ordering and food delivery. Therefore, it is important nowadays for restaurants to learn about it so that they can make the best out of this opportunity. We bring you a few tips about how you can achieve this goal just like many famous brands in the industry have done already.

  1. Food Delivery Apps

  2. Food delivery apps have become so popular nowadays that every outlet must have its own food delivery app. People want to order food rather than spend time cooking it on their own. They would simply go online and check the menu, select and order. The food is delivered within a few minutes. It is such a successful method that many restaurants are not even serving food at their restaurants but simply cooking it and delivering it. The best examples to note here would be Uber eats. One of the benefits of these food delivery apps is the mode of easy payment. An app development can take up to 3 to 4 months’ time.

  3. Hiring Delivery Staff

  4. Once you have an app, the job is only half done. The real work starts with the actual delivery of food orders. This requires agile management and creative solutions such as hiring part time delivery staff even if you must hire people outside the company and pay them hourly wages. This would be a must as your delivery staff will have to work at odd hours as well because customers can place an order anytime.

  5. Over the Top Marketing

  6. This is going to be a very highly competitive field in the food industry since almost every restaurant is coming out with an ordering app. To stand out from the crowd you need to go for absolutely nothing less than the best marketing strategy and ideas. Communications are a very important part of marketing and mass communication, and marketing will have to be combined to do this job. This is where the crowd pullers shall be able to get the lion’s share. Once the audience is hooked onto your food products, they will be less likely to switch from this brand easily. Digital marketing has become crucial nowadays and tech savvy brand advertisement is the root of all success. Your brand promotion will get a boost through offers and discounts a lot.

  7. Food Packaging

  8. The product itself needs to look and be presented as a sellable item. In order to make sure that this happens, your product needs to be packaged in a way that preserves the ingredients of your food item. Presentation of food remains of utmost importance even if it is being delivered instead of being served on a platter in a fine restaurant. You can also add free items such as napkins and ketchups with your restaurant’s name and logo mentioned on it. Make sure that the packaging also keeps the food hot and edible until the time it reaches the customer.

  9. Optimization of Food Menu

  10. Not every food item can be delivered, as some of the foods cannot travel well. Therefore, you will need to act rationally and remove these items from the menu. You might think that this would reduce the customers of your best dishes, but the regular customers will still come to your restaurant for those dishes. Also make sure that your online menu is not a difficult one to navigate, since an easy to go through menu will help the customer to decide quickly. So, optimization is the tool that you must work with.


Online food delivery idea basically started out in 1994 by Pizza Hut and had a domino effect that propelled the food and service industry into every corner of the world. The information technology revolution further enhanced its importance as the food delivery branched into various directions. Fruit and vegetable delivery, homemade food, pets’ food, corporate food, grocery delivery, and lunch delivery were some of the ideas that worked very well. But this is not where innovation ends as the importance of delivery manifold itself in the global pandemic era of Covid –19 as the service industry has been hit in the worst way. However, it has also accelerated the digitalization of the food industry. It is now easy to become successful with a novel idea as the food business has become so deeply imbedded in human societies that existence without it is not possible. Therefore, this is the ideal time for owners in the food service industry to make use of the information technology that is available and accessible to every individual. If you are looking to increase your food delivery as a food business owner then these steps will help and guide you towards achieving your goal.

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